Perfect pre-season for volleyball team

Eastbourne Volleyball Team
Eastbourne Volleyball Team

Eastbourne Volleyball Club are looking to finish their beach season campaign with a perfect record against Brighton Panthers this weekend.

An unbeaten run in the Yellowave League has resulted in Eastbourne claiming the top spot ahead of their coastal rivals. The beach-based league has been perfect preparation ahead of the hard-court season.

Head Coach, James Clow. “We have seen several players develop their floor defence on the softer surface, and we hope this translates when the whole squad returns for the indoor season.

“The spatial awareness, game reading and positional knowledge, which we could develop on the sand, will allow us to be a little more thoughtful with our attacks on the indoor courts.”

Clow is the brains behind the Junior Academy and social training sessions for developing players. “When I first joined Eastbourne, we were lucky to have ten players at a training session. Last season, we had such high demand, that we had to have them three or four times a week - just to accommodate everybody.”

The club ended last season on a high by winning the First Division, while the Ladies’ were runners-up. With a strong pre-season under their belts, and the return of Rafal Kupis, as well as the signing of Aldwyn Fernandez, the signs are looking positive for their indoor campaign.

Eastbourne’s pre-season training takes place at Gildredge Park on Mondays at 6.30pm, and at Sussex Downs College Sports Park at 7.30pm on Fridays.

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