Monster bream and 73lb of carp nets victory for Andy

Andy Young with his 10lb bream from Claygate.
Andy Young with his 10lb bream from Claygate.

The latest Roselands match was held at Claygate fisheries on Lake Sophie in cool wet conditions.

The winner, using pole and paste, was Andy Young with 73lb of smal F1 carp and a single monster bream of 10lb 2oz, which is by far the biggest ever landed in a club match.

Dave Lambert with a 7lb bass.

Dave Lambert with a 7lb bass.

Second was Mark Hemsley using the same tactics for 40lb 4oz.Third was Les Foy with 23lb 12oz.

A strong gusting wind didn’t make fishing any easier for Roseland’s anglers at Iron Bridge

The winner, using pole and whip tactics with pinkies, was Andy Young with a weight of 5lb 4oz of small skimmers.

Second was Mark Hemsley with pole caught skimmers for 3lb 8oz. Third was Paul Dennis with two eels and some skimmers on the feeder for 3lb 4oz

Horse shoe lake at Frant was the venue for the latest roselands club match.

The winner, using pole and paste, was Mark Hemsley, who had 67lb 10 oz of carp to 4lb.

Second was Andy Young with feeder caught carp on pellet for 30lb 6oz. Third was Les Foy with the same feeder tactics with 29lb.

The Anglers Den specimen hunt began with 28 anglers fishing between Beachy Head and The Cooden Beach hotel.

The anglers could fish as often as they wished all week with seven nominated catorgories to fish for.

The biggest bass was landed by Steve Dell on the final day with a 4lb 1 ¾ oz fish. The best sole of 1lb 11 ½ oz for Paul Haggar caught on Monday. The best eel a 1lb 2oz fish for Jamie May also on Monday 4th. The biggest smoothhound caught was by Ian Hopper weighing 4lb 5 ¼ oz, the best plaice also caught by Ian Hopper on weighing 10 ¼ oz.

The biggest pout caught on the final day by Dave Shannan weighed 13 ¾ oz and finally the best any other species caught on the first day by Joe Plumstead, a flounder of 1lb 1 ½ oz at 48.6 %.

Gordon Fennings fished at the end of the bungalows in Pevensey Bay and landed a nice 5lb 3oz bass using lugworm.

Dave Lambert also netted a nice bass from Langney Point. Dave began using fish baits when he changed to lugworm and caught a bass of 7lb 3 ½ oz.

ABOVE LEFT: Andy Young with his 10lb bream from Claygate Fisheries. RIGHT: Dave Lambert with a 7lb bass