Michelsen promoted to heat leader after impressive start

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Rising Danish superstar Mikkel Michelsen has been promoted to a heatleader role for the Eastbourne Eagles.

Michelsen, 19, joined the club towards the end of last season on an assessed five-point average.

He did not complete sufficient meetings to have an established average and continued into 2014 on the five point figure until he had completed two away meetings.

Fixtures at Poole and Lakeside mean he now has an established average of 6.71 which means he has to ride at No 1, No 3 or No 5.

Team manager Trevor Geer has given him the No 5 racejacket for the trip to Leicester on Saturday (April 26).

The change comes into effect on Friday so Michelsen will not be a heatleader when the Eagles go to Swindon on Thursday (April 24).

For the fixture at Leicester Geer has drafted in Steve Worrall as a replacement for Lewis Blackbird who is needed by his Premier League club, Peterborough.

Geer said, “Steve is really flying and this change does not weaken us in any way.”

Team at Swindon: Bjarne Pedersen; Timo Lahti; Joonas Kylmakorpi; Mikkel Michelsen; Cameron Woodward; Lewis Blackbird; Danny Halsey.

Team at Leicester: Bjarne Pedersen; Timo Lahti; Joonas Kylmakorpi; Cameron Woodward; Mikkel Michelsen; Steve Worral; Danny Halsey.