Martial Arts ace Noah takes top prize at World Kuk Sool

Noah Evans
Noah Evans

First Degree black belt Noah Evans was crowned Youth Grand Champion at the 2014 World Kuk Sool Championships held in Houston Texas last week.

Noah, 16, from the Martial Arts Centre in Eastbourne has dominated his age category for several years on this side of the Atlantic, winning every international title in Europe. Tjis time Noah was keen to compete on the world stage and he doid so in style.

Ten years of dedication to his training and relentless practice was rewarded by winning the first degree Youth Grand Champion Award.

This prestigious honour is given to the competitor that accumulates the most points in each division.

Noah achieved this by winning four gold medals and one silver in the five compulsory disciplines, in a category that contained some of the world’s finest young martial artists.

While in Texas, Noah trained alongside the Kuk Sool Won South Korean Demo team and several US Masters invited him to train at their schools prior to the event. It proved to be not only inspirational, but a great help in his preparation for the competition.

After winning the World Championship, the most prestigious of his nine Grand Champion awards to date, Noah said, “So many people have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into helping me achieve this drea. From Senior Master Philip D Holmes, my Chief Instructor Robin Holmes and my fellow instructors, right through to the young white belts that I help to teach.

“All have had an input to this success in some way.”

Next month, Noah will promote to second degree black belt while attending the annual WKSA UK Tournament to be held in Liverpool.

There, a new set of challenges will await, in a group in which he will be considered very much the new boy against competitors with vastly more experience.

With The Martial Arts Centre – Eastbourne’s new, full time Dojahng opening this week, this will no doubt help in his preparation for the event. School owner and Senior Master Philip D Holmes 8th degree, said of Noah’s success, “Although a student has to have a teacher to learn his skill from, it is what the student does with that skill that is the deciding factor between success or failure.

“JKN Noah has taken the skills he has learnt, and far surpassed anything that his teachers have taught him.

“He is a truly inspiring young martial artist and if tennis was his game, Andy Murray would be his name!”