Lewis fitness test for crunch meet

Lewis Bridger
Lewis Bridger

Lewis Bridger is planning to be back in Eastbourne colours on Saturday night as the Eagles face an important home clash with Peterborough at Arlington.

Bridger suffered shoulder injuries last week and missed the home win over King’s Lynn and the British Final at Wolverhampton on Monday.

Lifestyle Eagles’ co-promoter and team manager, Trevor Geer, said, “Lewis set off on Monday to ride in the British Final but turned back because the pain was too much. However, he is desperate to ride on Saturday against Peterborough.

“He will have a behind-closed-doors session at the track on Saturday to see if he is fit enough to take his place in the team.

“If he is not, we will use the rider replacement rule to cover his rides. Everyone in the team is eligible to take one.”

Saturday’s opponents Peterborough are looking to roar up the Elite League table and snatch a play-off place ahead of the fixture cut-off date off date in September.

Co-promoter Mike Bellerby said, “Peterborough know a win at Arlington will fuel their play-off hopes and, equally, we know three league points are vital to our own ambitions.

“Earlier in the season they gave us a really tough match and we can expect more of the same on Saturday.

“Strong support from terraces is an important ingredient and I hope we can get a real Arlington wave of noise going to spur on our boys.”

Eastbourne will again give fans something extra on Saturday night with a junior six-heat second-half clash against Lakeside.

A collection will take place during the meeting against Peterborough for the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund (BEN) which helps riders whose lives have been devastated while racing for British-based teams.

Eastbourne have a busy week ahead with fixtures at Wolverhampton on Monday and King’s Lynn on Wednesday.

The following week the team is at Lakeside on Friday, August 17, before facing Wolverhampton at home the next evening.

In a fixture update, the Eagles go to Peterborough on September 10.

LEFT: LEWIS Bridger will have a behind closed doors fitness test before the Peterborough meet