Kim and Mikkel complete the 2014 Arlington septet

Mikkel Michelsen
Mikkel Michelsen

Swedish star Kim Nilsson completes the Eastbourne Eagles team for 2014.

Team manager Trevor Geer confirmed the signing which followed hot-on-the-heels of news that Mikkel Michelsen was back at Arlington. Nilsson joined Eastbourne last season to replace the retired Adam Shields.

Geer said, “Kim came in at a difficult time for both himself and us and did very well. He didn’t let us down and became stronger and stronger as the season went on.

“His form in Sweden earned him a wildcard for the Scandinavian Grand Prix at Stockholm in September and at the end of the season he was really flying around Arlington.

Nilsson has signed on loan from Lakeside, where he lost his place before coming to Eastbourne.

Geer said the Eastbourne top five averages added up to 31.76 - just under the 32-point limit set by the speedway authorities for team building

He added, “This is a strong Eastbourne team and we can look forward to putting in a serious challenge at the top of the table next year.

The 2014 line-up means that only two of the riders who came to tapes for the Eagles in March this year will be with the club for the new season.

They are Bjarne Pedersen and Cameron Woodward

It means there are no places this time round for Simon Gustafsson, Timo Lahti and Lukas Dryml Geer has contacted all the other Elite League clubs to say Eastbourne will not be using these three riders.

He said, “It’s a family atmosphere at Eastbourne and it has been a very difficult job for Bob Dugard and myself to choose the team.

The points limit and the new rules regarding reserves changed the team-building rules completely. The door has not been closed on any of these riders returning to Arlington. Naturally, we wish them well and thank them for their efforts for Eastbourne Speedway in the past.”

Exciting Danish rider Mikkel Michelsen will line up again for the Eastbourne Eagles in 2014. He signed a contract during a flying visit to Sussex on Friday (December 13)when he met senior promoter Bob Dugard and Geer.

The young Dane came into the team towards the end of last season and was an immediate hit with fans.

His dashing style soon had the Arlington regulars purring with delight and he was top of most people’s wish list when it came to team-building for the new season.

Geer said, “Mikkel was a huge success in a short of space of time last season. We all knew he would do well but I don’t think many people predicted how successful he would be at Elite League level.

“Mikkel is a winner and a key part in putting our team together for 2014.”

Michelsen comes back on an assessed 5.00 average because he did not ride sufficient meetings last season to get an established match average.