International honours for top Edge quartet

Eastbourne Edge
Eastbourne Edge

Four players from Eastbourne Edge Inline Skate (roller blade) Hockey Club have been selected to represent Great Britain in both Europe and America in July.

These outstanding achievements are a result of the hard work of the players and their coaches.

Representing Great Britain in Europe (Toulouse) in U18 Junior Women’s: Nina Brown.

Those representing Great Britain in USA (Las Vegas) at U16: Cameron Brown (goalie – red team), Andrew Bruce (blue team) and Callum Donnelly (goalie – blue team).

However, this success and honour comes with a hefty price tag.

Cameron, Andrew and Callum going to America will have to find £3,500 each and Nina, £1,400.

Any donation, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated and will help them in their objective of achieving international recognition for the Eastbourne Edges and Great Britain in Inline Skate Hockey.

Anyone interested in joining Eastbourne Edge is welcome to come along and try it out. For more information go to the website or email: