Impressive Eagles chalk up victory over Poole Pirates

Eastbourne Eagles returned to their winning ways at Arlington stadium on Saturday night with a much celebrated 53-42 victory over South Coast Rivals, the Poole Pirates.

A week that began with the palpable disappointment of heavy defeat at Wolverhampton and continued on a note of hope by taking a match point from the home of Elite League pace setters, ended in the best possible style with a win against the team that arguably they, along with the rest of the section like to beat the most.

Although a team effort, once again it was the performance of reserve Lukas Dryml together with skipper Cameron Woodward that provided the most moments for the clubs supporters to cheer, each rider claiming the impressive scalps of both World Champion, Chris Holder and Pirates hero Darcy Ward throughout the evening.

Poole did suffer their problems heading into the fixture, in form Pole Maciej Janowski being forced to miss the clash having failed to catch his flight back from a match in Poland the previous evening, the Pirates being forced to press the highly rated Richie Worrall into action as a guest replacement.

Certainly the Eagles looked to have the beating of the Dorset outfit from the word go, rattling up a 16-point (36-20) lead and denying their opponents a race win in the first nine heats.

Though Poole rallied, a brace of victories for Holder and a six-pointer for Ward in a three race spell reduced the margin to seven points with three races left on the card, it was the Eagles who finished the stronger, Dryml getting the better of Ward in heat 13 before the Czech Republic rider, together with Woodward, wrapped up all three match points in the penultimate race with a 5-1 after Dennis Andersson’s fall prompted the race to be awarded.

Having experienced a range of emotions throughout a busy week, Eagles Team Manager and co-promoter Trevor Geer was left sporting a happy smile at the end of the fifteen heats. “After the match at Wolverhampton, we were left with a lot of questions, however the performances both at Swindon and here tonight against the Pirates have provided many of the answers,” he said/

“It has ended up being a good week. I think Wolverhampton was a wake up call with the riders worried about their team places, they have turned things around and come good, being the first team to pick up a point from Swindon and with a win over Poole tonight.”


Eagles (53): Lukas Dryml 14(5), Cameron Woodward 12+2(5), Bjarne Pedersen 8+1(5), Denis Gizatullin 6(4), Timo Lahti 6(4), Simon Gustafsson 5(4), Adam Shields 2(3).

Pirates (42): Chris Holder 15(5), Darcy Ward 11(5), Dawid Stachyra 4+1(4), Thomas Jorgensen 4+1(4), Richie Worrall (Guest for Maciej Janowski) 4(4), Kyle Newman 3(4), Dennis Andersson 1(4).