Humber strikes for Hailsham to level the match at Penguins

Lee Humber
Lee Humber

Sussex Open Division 1

Penguin 1s 2, Hailsham 1s 2

With Penguins taking the lead thanks to an unlucky deflection off a defender’s stick in the Hailsham D, it took the visitors until the half-time whistle to equalise, a penalty corner melee resulting in good advantage played by umpire allowing Lloyd Williams to sweep in the ball after it bounced off a defender’s foot.

Another defensive error restored the lead to Penguins in the second half, with their centre forward striking home from the top of the Hailsham D, but an on-form Toby Baker, supported ably by Tristan Pengilley and Dan Channing kept the pressure on Penguins.

Hailsham again made good use of aerial balls on free hits, with both George Cyster and Lee Humber finding the Hailsham forwards from 16-yard hit-outs with pinpoint accuracy. Eventually, with Penguins reduced to 10 men due to injury, Hailsham forced a penalty corner from which Lee Humber struck for the equaliser and final goal of the game.

Sussex League Division 3

Hailsham 2s 5

Penguin 2s 4

Hailsham were unable to convert first-half chances into goals, and a combination of defender error and a well-executed penalty corner routine saw Penguins three goals ahead going into the second half. With the home team reorganised during the break, the fight back began, Anthony Hathaway injecting some pace into the Penguins D. Within 5 minutes, supplied with a slip ball by Dan Ivemy from a penalty corner, Hathaway got Hailsham on the score-sheet. The same manoeuvre resulted in two more goals for Hathaway before a solo attack saw his reverse stick flick get Hailsham into the lead. It fell to a reverse stick shot by Richard Whitling to put Hailsham two goals clear.

With five minutes to run, sloppy tackling by a defender gifted Penguins a fourth goal courtesy of a penalty corner, but Hailsham responded by turning up the pressure and narrowly missed their sixth goal from the final play of the game.