Halloween fight night on Eastbourne Pier

James Hopkins trains for his big night
James Hopkins trains for his big night

First Generation Fitness are all set to stage a Halloween fight night at the Atlantis on Friday night.

The club will put on 12 bouts with a mix of MMA, boxing and kickboxing all on display.

They will welcome some of the finest fighting talent from clubs across the south east and the south coast as fighters from Bournemouth, Brighton, Guildford and Bognor put on a show on the pier.

On the card will be Eastbourne Estate Agent and Eastbourne Borough board member James Hopkins.

Hopkins will square up to Ross Ingram, who also fights from the First Generation fitness Gym, in his first ever competitive contest.

Speaking ahead of his light- heavyweight contest, Hopkins said, “It’s a mixture of all the emotions to be honest and I can’t wait for Friday night.

“I have been training so hard for this. I made the decision to get into the training and it has completely changed my lifestyle around.

“I have lost 22kilos, I am no-longer out drinking so much in the evenings and I have felt so much better for it. It has given me a real focus and the fight has given me something to aim for.”

“The main thing for me on the night is to stay calm and not lose my temper.

“I am fit enough I have done the training so I’m prepared in that respect. The only thing I cannot prepare for is what it’s going to feel like when 400 odd people are shouting and cheering you on.”

His coach Paul Morgan, who co founded First Generation Fitness with Tolly Plested, said, “James was massively out of shape when he arrived at the gym.

“But he has worked so hard and is more than ready for the fight on Friday.

“He is up against a tough opponent in Ross but I think James will surprise a few people on the night. It will be a great contest for the crowd.”

The show starts at 7pm and is expected to last for three hours. The bouts will be in three sets of four with a short break after each four fights.

Two of the fights will feature some of the best young girl fighters on the south coast.

The waitresses and ring announcers will be dressed in their best Halloween costumes as will the fight MC Paul Morgan.

Prizes will also be given to the best Halloween costume from the crowd.

Paul added, “It will be a great occasion. We are expecting between 400 and 500 people there.

There will be some great entertainment with some great fights on show.”