Hailsham MIB take full advantage of Railway’s day off

With division three league leaders Railway having the week of, Hailsham MI B were the top team in action with a 4-1 win again Transport with victories for Steve Stenhouse, Clive Kidman, Barry Kent and Hugh Galt.

Dolphin F gathered valuable points as they beat Police 4-1 after coming from behind. There were wins for Paul and Neil Rogers, Stuart Alexander and Mags Buckland.

Charlie Anastasi took the Police’s first frame before their team were swept away.

Forth placed Glastonbury E are snapping at Dolphin F heels with a 4-1 win against Hailsham Club B.

Colin Hadland, Damien and Robin Mills and Glastonbury manager Jose Martins secured the four points. Fred Stephens was Hailsham’s lone victor.

Continuing the run of 4-1 victories XREA took apart Fish C. As with a few matches this week Fish C took the first frame with a win for Dave Bulwer and then XREA opened fire with wins for Stuart Smith, Liam Brooks, Martin and Phil Fry. Con C also had a 4-1 victory for Hailsham Club C.

The last result of the week saw a 3-2 win for Fire Brigade against Angling Club B. In a see saw match Keith Hobden took the first scalp of Norman Lippet and then Tony MacPhail saw off John Olive to make it 1-1. Dave Gausden played strongly to take out Robin Wilkinson followed by Pete Marsden crushing Graham Elphick.

That made it 2-2. The final showdown was between Roger Easey and Vic Padget with Roger carrying home the win for the Fire Brigade by beating Vic 61-27.

Two horse race

The battle for the title of Division two champions is becoming a two horse race between pre-season favourites Nuthouse A and Glastonbury A.

Nuthouse A narrowed the lead on the leaders to one point with a 5-0 victory against mid table Devonshire A with wins for Ian Townsend, Martin Halpin, Glen Williams, Costa Kyprian and Marcel Compton.

Glastonbury A had an up hills struggle against EWMC B with Tommy Wigglesworth defeating Richard Barnicoat in a hard fought first frame.

Grant Martins then shone with a 53 break for the league leaders against John Bigsby. Matt Smith then sealed the lead with Paul Croft capturing the win against Glen Girling.

The other victor for EWMC B was David Noakes. Nuthouse A have more of a struggle in the next week fixtures as they will play third placed Hellingly who secured a 3-2 win against Fish B with wins for Gary and Russell Parkinson and Andrew Lawrence.

Robert Connell and Craig Knapman took the valuable two points for Fish B.

Fellow Fish team Fish F secured their third win of the season by seeing off mid table HMI E with a clutch of tight frame. Victors were Brian Dyson, Malcolm Dixon and Steve Heather with Ian Fox and Brendan Connolly for HMI E.

Q Ball club was out of pocket

The Eastbourne snooker world finally said farewell to the Q Ball snooker club that opened in the heights of the snooker boom in the mid-eighties.

The club that housed a lot of the snooker teams in Eastbourne closed eighteen months ago and saw the builders move in this week.

Even though many of its past members have missed the club life moves on.

If you want to find out where to play snooker in Eastbourne or want to put together a team for next season’s league then visit www.eastbournesnookerleague.com.