Farcical scenes as people’s champ Jenny is denied

Jenny Garrett
Jenny Garrett
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The inaugural Ladies Sussex Championship descended into farce when Spedeworth officials changed the rules at the eleventh hour.

Set to be four rounds on a league basis, the integrity of the event was scuppered, when a change to the format was announced just before the meeting.

Now, league points would determine grid positions for a ‘Winner Takes All’ final race for the title.

Whilst the intention was to add some spice for the crowd, understandably existing league leader Jenny Garrett was less than happy.

Having driven superbly to establish a 30 point lead, winning five races and recording two second places from the nine races, including a hat-trick of wins in round two, she now knew that could well count for nothing.

Predictably, in race one Garrett was cynically and recklessly taken out in a manoeuvre that wrecked her car, and also broke her hand.

Despite one of the most ferocious incidents seen at Arlington for some time, incredibly for some reason, race day officials took no disciplinary action.

Her team worked desperately to get her back on track for the final. With minutes to go, Garrett’s car was in at least a drivable condition. Relieved and extremely appreciative, she went out for what should have been her crowning moment in the final.

Starting on pole position, all Garrett had to do now was come home first. On the last lap, with her miles in front, she was again cynically hampered by the same previous offender.

She crossed the line first, but only just!

For unexplainable reasons, another driver was declared the winner.

Still at racing speed Garrett took out her frustrations by crashing into her nemesis on the night.

Immediately, the race steward decided to disqualify Garrett, confirming the win indirectly to the other driver.

In conclusion, the Sussex Championship was won by a driver who was 12th in the standings.

Second place went to a driver who had been sixth. While the third place driver had been 25th in the league.

A statement from Spedeworth read, “Spedeworth remains committed to hard, fair racing. We are currently looking into the situation following the events that occurred at Arlington Stadium and will be able to make a full statement once we have carried out a thorough investigation.”