Experience prevails as staff see off students

With term ending and the Christmas break just around the corner, students from the University of Brighton are understandably in a very festive mood.

Such spirit is particulary visible among members of sport teams, who organise Christmas dinners and festive socials to celebrate with their teamamates.

However, one club in particular decided they wanted to spend those last days before the break in a more competitive way.

Eastbourne Campus’ Volleyball Club organised a friendly match against the University’s lecturers from various sport-related courses.

It was not the first time that the two faced each other and students were striving for success after last year’s defeat.

However, the first set did not leave them with much hope as the lecturers won 25:16.

The second set was again not one of the closest and a result of 25:15 left the mixed students team two-nil down.

With a mountain to climb, the students team rallied and, after many impressive actions from both teams, the students won the last point of the set, to take it 28:26.

The thrilling set restored the students’ hope but it wasn’t to last long as they headed into the final set.

The students were unable to keep up the fight and, as the lecturers took the fourth set and with it, the comfortable victory, the students had to agree that in the last set, as well as the entire game, the lecturers were a better and more composed team.

Experience and tranquility once again proved to be the virtues of a winning team but students will definitely try to show the power of youth next year when they face each other again.

Anthos Aristou, the club’s coach, said, “Even though the score doesn’t reflect it, I’m still very impressed with my team’s performance.

“We’re a recreational club and for some of our players it was a first competitive game. If we continue to work hard as we do, I know we have a chance to win next time,”