Edge beat rivals to become league champions

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Last Sunday saw the last matches of the London and South East Skate Hockey league before the summer break, with Eastbourne Edge Under-12s facing two games. They beat a young Hastings team 22-2 before coming up against their rivals, Medway Assassins, to fight for the league. Earlier in the season, the team from Kent, who came to Hastings as the league leaders, beat Edge to put them on top of the league. Edge were eager to get revenge and, as anticipated, it was a very close and fast-paced game. Edge rose to the challenge and won 4-2 to go into the summer break replacing Medway Assassins as the league leaders.

Eastbourne Edge will be at the sunshine coast’s free seafront sports festival, Eastbourne Extreme on Saturday morning, running free open sessions at the Skate Cage at Fisherman’s Green. This will continue throughout the summer.

Training will start again in September at Cavendish

School Sports Centre. New players are welcome. Please see www.eastbourne-edge.co.uk for more details about Eastbourne Edge.