Eagles’ star rushed to hospital after crash landing

Joonas Kylmakorpi collides with Daniel Nermark
Joonas Kylmakorpi collides with Daniel Nermark

This was the moment Eastbourne Eagles number-one rider Joonas Kylmakorpi (top centre) tangled with King’s Lynn’s Daniel Nermark (number 2).

The crash happened in heat one as both men hurtled into the first bend at the Norfolk Arena. The meet was held up for 30 minutes as ambulance crews arrived to treat the injured Kylmakorpi. The Finn was rushed to hospital and was treated for injuries to his neck, collar bone and pelvis. Xrays and MRI scans showed the injuries were not as bad as first feared, although the 22-year-old suffered a broken collar bone and damage to the shoulder socket.

Kylmakorpi left hospital on Thursday morning and will undergo physio treatment. Remarkably, he hopes to be back in three to four weeks. Nermark continued on Wednesday night but was later withdrawn after complaining of double vision following the hefty crash. Coincidental, Nermark was the rider involved when Eagles’ rider Lukas Dryml broke his femur at Birmingham last season.

Former Eagle Davey Watt has been drafted in as a replacement for the Monday night return against King’s Lynn at Arlington Stadium (7.30pm).

The meet will be televised by Sky Sports and will provide Eagles the chance to exact swift revenge for their heavy 59-31 defeat at King’s Lynn on Wednesday.