Eagles remain positive after Elite League AGM

Bjarne Pedersen
Bjarne Pedersen

Eastbourne Eagles were in an upbeat mood after the Elite League AGM for the promoters last weekend.

It was announced negotiations were ongoing to secure a new broadcast deal for the sport for the 2014 season and beyond.

Eastbourne co-promoter Mike Bellerby commented, “We had a whole series of positive discussions and can now start serious work on planning our 2014 campaign.

“There is much to do both in terms of the team and off-track work as well.”

Bellerby is also examining the fixture list possibilities and will shortly be considering the applications for the position of commercial manager.

He said, “I have the Grand Prix dates and am now looking to get details of other FIM fixtures.

“With a minimum of 18 home matches to look forward to, we will seek to have greater continuity in our home matches than we have had in recent years.”

He said some excellent applicants had been received for the vital role of commercial manager which had become vacant because of Chris Macdonald’s ill-health.

Bellerby said, “Clubs were very realistic in their discussion at the meeting which led to the changes in team structures.

“Obviously, we are sad that Peterborough resigned from the league but we do welcome Leicester’s election to the top flight which keeps the league at ten teams.

Co-promoter and team manager Trevor Geer is speaking to the riders and checking on their plans for 2014.

He said, “We are giving team building a lot of thought. We fully support the fast-tracking of British youngsters. It is something they do in Poland and Sweden and I am glad we have adopted a similar scheme.”

The statement issued by the British Speedway Promoters’ Association after the AGM can be found at www.speedwaygb.co/news.