Eagles hammered in Lakeside

Simon Gustafsson
Simon Gustafsson

The Eagles suffered a second defeat on the road as they found themselves comprehensively beaten, 55-36 by the Lakeside Hammers at the Essex Arena in the first rubber of the Easter double header on Good Friday afternoon.

Simon Gustafsson topped the visitors score chart with 13-points.

But save from the odd moment to celebrate, Timo Lahti’s stunning pass of Peter Karlsson to win heat 13 for example, in truth only he consistently proved a match for the pace and power shown by members of the host team.

Eight wins and a 37-point haul accrued fom heat leader trio of Davey Watt, Peter Karlsson and Lee Richardson and further brace of victories and a top scoring (14 paid 15-points) performance from reserve Kim Nilsson ensured that there were few pickings left for the Eagles as the match progressed.

Scorers: Scorers: Hammers : Kim Nilsson 12+3(7), Davey Watt 14(5), Peter Karlsson 12(5), Lee Richardson 11+3(5), Robert Mear 4(5), Kyle Howarth 2+1(3), Rider Replacement for Kauko Nieminen. - 55

Eagles : Simon Gustafsson 13(6), Lewis Bridger 10(6), Timo Lahti 5+1(6), Cameron Woodward 4(5), Denis Gizatullin 3+2(4), Lukas Dryml 1(3), Rider Replacement for Joonas Kylmakorpi. – 36