Dugard: Wolves display was unacceptable - it must improve

Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles Speedway Team. March 16th 2013 E12062P'Bob Dugard.
Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles Speedway Team. March 16th 2013 E12062P'Bob Dugard.

Eastbourne Eagles management have serious concerns regarding their team following a poor start to the season.

Their 59-34 loss in Wolves ealry this week promoted stern words from Senior promoter Bob Dugard.

“The performance at Wolverhampton was unacceptable and the team needs to respond at once.

“We are looking for an immediate improvement and are considering our options at this moment. There is no question about it, we will make changes to the team if we have to.“The whole basis of the 2013 team was ‘strength in depth’ and that’s not happening. That must change without delay.”

The Eagles went into battle missing the talents of number one Bjarne Pedersen, the Dane’s withdrawal being due to his suffering flu like symptoms.

King’s Lynn’s Rory Schlein was drafted in as a guest replacement but even his presence was unable to ignite the Eastbourne challenge.

With Tai Woffinden in irresistible form, riding unbeaten by an opponent and strong performances throughout the Wolves order, the Eagles seemed to have very little answer to their overall dominance.

A fifth race 7-2, courtesy of a Schlein tactical ride, a brace of 5-1’s in heats 7 and 9 and a pair of race wins for Cameron Woodward gave the visiting supporters some moments to cheer but with the hosts racking up no fewer than nine maximum race victories, there really was little way back for the Sussex outfit.

Wolves : Tai Woffinden 14+1(5), Ty Proctor 10+2(5), Ludvig Lindgren 8+1(4), Jacob Thorssell 7+3(4), Fredrik Lindgren 7+2(4), Ricky Wells 7+1(4), Adam Skornicki 6(4). - 59

Eagles : Rory Schlein (Guest for Bjarne Pedersen) 11(5), Cameron Woodward 8+1(5), Lukas Dryml 4(4), Adam Shields 3+1(4), Simon Gustafsson 3+1(4), Denis Gizatullin 3(4), Timo Lahti 2(4). – 34