Dugard seeks new riders to bolster struggling Eagles

Bob Dugard
Bob Dugard

Managers at Eastbourne Speedway are not still ruling out the possibility of team changes despite a 12 point victory over Coventry at Arlington on Saturday.

Senior promoter Bob Dugard has been leading the search which is continuing this week.

Dugard and his fellow co-promoters Trevor Geer and Mike Bellerby, were very disappointed after last week’s heavy defeat at Birmingham.

Geer said, “Our team performance at Birmingham was unacceptable and the result was poor for the club. There was more fight at Coventry on Friday and at home on Saturday but we are determined to improve the team.

“We have already contacted a number of riders, including Tomasz Jedrzejak, who has helped us out before. Sadly, his calendar is full and cannot come to England to ride for the Eagles.”

Eastbourne are not due to be back in action until May 25 when they face defending league champions Swindon at Arlington.

“That gives us a bit of breathing space and we will be using the time to explore other options,” Geer said.

“It is difficult to find riders at this stage of the season; particularly for Eastbourne as we are a Saturday track. Riders have their programmes fixed and do not wish to disturb their arrangements. However, we will continue to work hard this week to explore all options available to us,” he added.