Crawley expulsion leaves Blue and Golds without a victory

Roger Stanley
Roger Stanley

Onwards and upwards is the message from Eastbourne Rugby Club as they hope to put past defeats behind them and finish the season on a high note.

The Blue and Golds have sunk to the bottom of the table following Crawley’s departure from the league, which also means Eastbourne’s sole victory this season, over Crawley, has been wiped from the records.

Eastbourne were due to face Crawley this weekend but that match has now been cancelled.

It means the team won’t play again until April 14 when they travel to Sheppey for their last match of the campaign.

Manager Roger Stanley said, “It’s been a disappointing season but we have to look forward to our final match, finishing the season strongly and hopefully having a good pre-season and start in Sussex One.

“We’ll be regrouping, whether that be picking up some new players or working with the ones we have.”

“There’s a bit of potential in the youth side but we have to wait until we can introduce them into a strong team.

“We don’t want to put them into a struggling side because they won’t get their chance to shine and it’ll knock their confidence.”

Eastbourne have been plagued with injuries for most of the season and had to resort to pulling a large number of second team players into the first squad.

“You can never really use injuries as an excuse. Having said that, we did lose some really good players right at the start of the season.”

Stanley is hoping a bit of rest and recuperation will help improve his side’s performance from last Saturday’s defeat to Park House.

“That was a very disappointing result and performance. We just disintegrated in the second half and didn’t do ourselves justice. They did play very well though and for the side one place above us in the table, there was a big difference between us.”