Classy Chris on top form at Badminton Championships

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More than 70 young badminton players competed in the annual Eastbourne Junior Tournament, in age groups ranging from Under 10s through to Under 18s.

The tournament, with some trophies showing events played in 1956, is one of the longest-running in the country and saw competitors from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations attend.

The story of the day came in the shape of young 13-year-old Christopher Morgan, who bagged not only the U15 Boys’ Doubles with his partner Ewan Roberson and the Doubles trophy with Ben Phillimore, but also the U18 boys’ Singles, in which he played against competitors five years his senior.

Three trophies in this competition is just the start for the youngster, who will surely move on to bigger and better things. Chris showed the racquet skills and footwork that many an adult would envy, despite not even being able to see over the 5ft. high net.

Among the girls, the names to look out for are Katie Grubb and Emma Jolliffe, both of whom played some brilliant badminton and will only get better with age.

Below, listed in full, are all the winners from the 2013 competition:

Under 10s

Boys Singles: Samuel Brackley, Boys Doubles: Oliver & Lewis Brett Girls Singles: Isabelle Craig

Under 12s:

Boys Singles: Thomas Wood

Boys Doubles: Thomas Wood & Joshua Hendra

Girls Singles: Beatrice Noakes

Girls Doubles: Leah Hamilton & Beatrice Noakes

Under 15s:

Boys Singles: Sam Wray

Boys Doubles: Chris Morgan & Ewan Robertson

Girls Singles: Isabelle Noakes

Girls Doubles: Katie Grubb & Emma Jolliffe

Under 18s:

Boys Singles: Chris Morgan

Boys Doubles: Chris Morgan & Ewan Robertson