Cavendish success helps to spur on Rovers’ cyclists

Eastbourne Rovers prize giving.jpg
Eastbourne Rovers prize giving.jpg

Eastbourne Rovers Cycle Club enjoyed their annual prize giving dinner on Saturday night at the Afton Hotel Eastbourne.

British Cycling in 2011 has relished one of the most successful years in recent decades with major achievements in international events and Mark Cavendish becoming the BBC sports personality of the year.

Sussex has echoed this revival on the sport with more events being organised and many more riders attending.

Rovers riders also accomplished new levels of achievement with long standing records broken, the largest numbers of riders in events and new members engaging in the challenges and sceptical of one of the fastest growing sports in the country right now.

The main prize winners for Eastbourne Rovers this year were Emma Richards for winning the Ladies Summer Series, the Best Improved 25 miles time trial and as a consequence the Ladies Best All-rounder.

Peter Moon, who reasserted his mastery of the long distance events, with the 50 and 100 miles time Trial Championships and he took the Long Distance Trophy as a result.

Nevertheless, by winning the 10 mile and the 25 mile Championships, the Cliff Sharp Memorial Trophy and the Fastest 25 mile Cup as well as both the senior and veteran Summer Series Trophies, Iain Brogden walks away with most of the silver ware.

By virtue of these successes Iain takes the senior Beat All-rounder Trophy with the ever inspirational Harry Featherstone, now in his mid-70s, taking the veteran Best All-rounder.

Other notable achievements celebrated were Charles Robson winning the Workers’ Cup, Shane Hills was the best improved novice, Marl Poland winning the Senior Road Race Championship and Vic Butler and Geoff Smith winning the Veteran Road Race Championship and the 100 mile Veteran Cup respectively.

The 2012 season is soon starting on the 12th February with the early 10 mile time trial and the 25 mile two weeks later. Being the year of the London Olympics many cycling successes are enthusiastically pursued both locally and on the international stage.