Cancer charity hockey day for Charlie

Charlie Howden
Charlie Howden

A charity hockey day has been organised to help 34-year-old Charlie Howden, who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The event will take place at 2.30pm on Sunday, September 1 at the Beresford Astroturf, Eastbourne College to support and help raise much-needed money to fund his treatment.

Charlie has always been a keen sportsman and played for Eastbourne Hockey Club in both their junior and senior teams.

He attended Eastbourne College during the 1990s but more recently he has been living in America and has spent much of his free time paddle boarding and surfing to raise funds for various charities in the USA.

He was diagnosed with the cancer on August 1. For 12 months prior, he was having tests but because of his age and active lifestyle, it was thought his symptoms were not caused by such a life-threatening disease.

The misdiagnoses allowed the disease to advance further and now the tumour has to be treated agressively.

Charlie will remain in America for treatment, where the most advanced and specialist methods are available.

His family live in Eastbourne and they invite friends, family and the public to attend the charity day on Sunday.

For more information about the disease, please visit or, to donate to the worthwhile cause, go to Charlie’s page in the US