Black belt joy for Karate kids

SAMA Karate black belts
SAMA Karate black belts

SAMA Karate students Ella Holmes, Gabriel Turland Cowell, James Sampson, Blake Chagouri-Brindle, Sonny Holmes, Joe Whelan and Maxim Barbosa all performed superbly to achieve their black belts

Trained by brothers Yondan Sensei Lee and Scott Gibson for more than five years, they have all worked extremely hard leading up to the grading which took two and a half hours to complete.

They all put in maximum effort on the day and achieved the high standard required to pass their black belts.

They were graded by 8th Dan SAMA Chief Instructor Alan Gibson who has more than 50 years martial arts experience at the SAMA black belt grading held in Worthing.

SAMA teaches Karate and Kickboxing classes at many venues in Eastbourne.

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