Another elite display from Fiona

Fiona Bugler
Fiona Bugler

Eastbourne elite athlete Fiona Bugler clocked-up another impressive time at the recent 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon.

It was fifth time the 46-year-old Hailsham Harrier has dipped under the 3hrs 15m mark and the 17th marathon she has completed since taking up running in her late 30s.

Fiona said, “I was very pleased with the time. The weather was quite warm and because of the atmosphere it’s sometimes quite hard to concentrate on your pace.

“To come in at 3hr12m was great. It was a few minutes off my personal best but the aim is always to come in under 3hr15 as that’s the elite pace.

“London has such a feel good factor to it and the fact that Mo Farah was racing made it all the more special.

“I started just a few rows back so I could see Mo from the start.”

To keep her elite status Fiona trains five times a week and will maintain an impressive pace of around seven minutes per mile. She juggles her training around a busy work and family life and plans to compete in two more marathons in the near future.

She added, “I’m doing the Edinburgh marathon next month and then after that I’m competing in Amsterdam. It’s a busy schedule but I love competing in these events.

I always aim to improve my times and I will be hoping to go under 3hr15m in them both.”

The other Hailsham Harrier times were: Ivor Rumsey 3h46m15s, David Coulson 3h47m08s, Shaun Webster 4h23m04s, Samantha Bailey 4h42m58s, and Lesley Underdown 6h15m36s.