All-Volvo action sets stadium alight

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On a glorious summer’s evening at Arlington Stadium, 25 Volvos of all shapes and sizes were given one last hurrah in Spedeworth’s annual ‘All Volvo’ event.

The classic type of car favoured by many antique dealers and grandfather clock repairers were afforded a final attempt of glory as they raced the oval track in an event that included a Destruction Derby to completely finish off all the participants.

Drivers had brought their vehicle of choice from right across the South, some travelling from as far away as Guildford. While there were a couple of more modern selections, most were of the recognisable ‘740 estate’ variety.

Quite where some of these cars had been found is a mystery, but to say that more than a few were ‘agricultural’ or just down right ‘crusty’ would be an understatement.

From the start, the action was hard-hitting as expected. With cars renown for strength and robust ability, these attributes were well and truly tested during the night.

Tom Filmer from Lewes had an eventful evening suffering a fire in the first race, a rollover in the second and a thunderous crash in the final.

Hailsham’s Steve Anscombe also suffered an engine fire which halted his progress.

One of the undoubted stars of the meeting was Seaford’s Phil Hampton. From the outset, he was on a mission to enjoy himself spinning everything in his way. With such an aggressive style he easily took first and a third place in the heats.

In the final, Hampton was on the end of some rough treatment dished out by Laurence Wells in the Tim James supplied car.

In response, he then inflicted a huge hit on Wells’ teammate. Despite the attention, Hampton finished a healthy third.

Topping the bill this Wednesday (July 3) are the Oval Track Legends, which has been imported after its successful introduction in the US. Dan Hughes from Burgess Hill, as the reigning Young Gun of the Year, will be looking to add to his recent win at Northampton.

The first race starts at 7:30pm.