A rare peaceful winter at Arlington suits boss Geer

For Eastbourne Eagles manager Trevor Geer it has been a relatively peaceful winter.

Twelve months ago the future of the Arlington outfit was in doubt after track owner Bob Dugard stepped down as a promoter.

But this closed season the Eagles have been able to steer clear of the stormy waters, while two of their 2010 rivals Peterborough Panthers and Coventry Bees have been left in the lurch.

Both clubs initially withdrew from the Elite League ahead of 2011, after a dispute over rules at a meeting of promoters in November.

But the two are now set to take legal action after negotiations designed to facilitate their returns stalled.

The wrangles have disrupted pre-season preparations for all tracks, but Geer is just happy to concentrate on the Eagles.

He said, “I’m pleased with the team building and quite excited about it I know all the riders are excited.

“At the end of February-early March the riders start coming over in dribs and drabs, and they will train as soon as we can get on the track with the weather.

“We’re just sorting out fixtures at the moment, normally they would have been done by now but it’s been set back with the Peterborough and Coventry situation.

“It’s a great shame, but because of the legal action, we’re not really allowed to say anything – hopefully something will be sorted soon.

“We’ve always remained pretty positive at Eastbourne and we’re looking forward to the season.”

Joonas Kylmakorpi, Simon Gustafsson, Lewis Bridger, Cam Woodward and Bjarne Pedersen have all signed on for 2011 and Geer expects the team to be finalised in the coming days, with two familiar faces coming back on board.

Away from the shale, the Eagles will run their fund-raising 100 club again this year.

Geer added, “It’s good, we have a lot of pledges already, hopefully when people see the numbers are up they’ll sign up and the prizes will be better.”