Lord’s legends of ‘97 back at the Saffrons

Legends of the Saffrons will be returning to take on their modern-day counterparts to mark the start of Eastbourne Cricket Club’s anniversary celebrations.

The club is 125 years-old this year, and have a series of festivities lined up beginning with an Old Boys match this Sunday.

The Old Boys will be captained by Alex Halliday, who captained the National Cup winning side of 1997, as well as other players from this side and other captains from days gone by.

Paul Hacker, who has played a big part in organising the game, is delighted to be welcoming back some familiar faces.

He said, “It’s a massive opportunity for the current crop of players to meet these older players and share with them their experiences.

“It’s nice to know returning players have an affiliation with the club after all these years. We’ve got people coming down from Lancashire, Bedfordshire, everywhere really.”

“I’ve spoken with a lot of the ex-players recently, and they all still look out for Eastbourne’s results.

“Alex Halliday said that he doesn’t feel like he’s ever left Eastbourne, and it’s nice to know that we still hold a place in the old players’ hearts.”

The match gets underway at 2pm.