Weak Hastings side was ‘lack of respect’

John Lambert
John Lambert

Eastbourne Town boss John Lambert took a swipe at his cousin and Hastings United boss Terry White following their preseason friendly clash

Lambert, a former Hastings United manager himself, was fuming after the visitors brought their under-21 side much to the frustration of the Town players and supporters from both sides.

Lambert said, “I told him it was disrespectful to the fans and to our club. I saw many fans from Hastings and I know they wouldn’t have bothered to come if they knew the reserves were playing.

“What’s annoying is that we could have played Peacehaven and that would have been a proper test for us.”

Lambert added, “I arranged these friendlies so that the level would improve with each game so it’s a bit of a set back for us in that respect.

“But we have to move on the lads played well and did what they had to do and now we go to Redhill on Saturday.”

The Redhill will be their last preseason friendly before they open their County League division one campaign at Dorking.

“It’s a tough opening game for us but I’m confident we will be ready.

Eastbourne Town starting XI: Nessling, Kelly, Loft, Elliott, Hollobone, Henson, Ellis, Darby, McClean, Dryer, Clarke.