Superb team spirit has Bloor believing that good times are ahead

Danny Bloor
Danny Bloor

If Eastbourne Town take nothing else from this season, then at least they will have a rousing team spirit in the dressing room to carry them forward into next year.

With safety secured well before the end of the season, the pressure was off on Danny Bloor’s men as they could relax and enjoy the final few months of a positive campaign.

Bloor said, “It’s been a very good season for us.

“It was disappointing at first with the number of injuries we suffered before Christmas but we’ve done well regardless of that.

“There was never really a low point in the season, it was all very good.

“I would say the most positive thing though is the team spirit we’ve created in the dressing room.

“I have got an absolutely fantastic group of players here, they’re all brilliant.”

Hopes were high at the start of the year after an encouraging pre-season.

However, inconsistency cost the Saffrons club and, in the end, the season ended a bit stale as they found themselves with little to play for besides as high a mid-table finish as possible.

There were many highlights along the course of the season though as Town put in some impressive performances against the top sides of the division, as Bloor recalls.

“I think when we beat Bognor Regis at home, that was the best performance of the season.

“Also, when we played Whitehawk, who ended up winning the league, our first half performance was very good and we only went down by the single goal there.”

Good fortune was rarely with Eastbourne Town, never less so than the night when a floodlight failure in the dying minutes against Godalming wiped out Town’s 2-1 lead. They later lost the rearranged match.

When it came to injuries, lady luck wasn’t much more generous there either. A host of injuries gave Bloor a selection crisis early on in the season, before he then lost key players, like Danny Curd, for large parts of the season.

Bloor was quick to praise striker Curd in his end-of-season review. He said, “If he had been fit for more of the season than we would definitely have finished higher up the league, there’s no doubt about it.

“He’s scored something like 11 goals in 23 matches now, he’s absolutely fantastic. I have a lot of time and respect for him.”

Curd did well towards the end of the season, along with Eastbourne Borough loanee Ross Treleaven, to fill the boots of Nathan Crabb, who left Town in February to join Lewes.

“Nathan chose to leave us for another club but it wasn’t a blow at all.

“We brought in Ross Treleaven and in the end we didn’t notice Nathan was gone at all.”

Even though the fixture list is completed, Bloor is yet to draw a line under the 2011/2012 campaign.

“The season hasn’t finished yet. We still have the presentation evening and once the dust has settled on that, I’ll start making plans for next year.”

Those plans could well feature the faces of younger players like Joe Summerbell and Max Hollobone, who impressed Bloor enough to get a run in the side towards the tail end of the season.

Those final few matches proved experimental for Bloor as he prepares to mould his squad ready for a promotion push next year.