Grinstead thump the Stringers for seven

Kenny McCreadie
Kenny McCreadie

Injury hit Hailsham were smashed 7-3 by East Grinstead in County League One on Tuesday night.

Four players were out for the Stringers who competed well but struggled at the back.

Manager Kenny McCreadie said, “We battled hard but five of their goals were preventable. It was chocolate defending – we went all soft – it was a nightmare.”

Grinstead opened the scoring after 11 minutes through Steve Major but Shane Saunders was able to level. Grinstead regained their lead through a Major penalty.

Michael Belli made it 3-1 and

The home side extended their lead in the second half through Sam Cane.

Two more Grinstead goals were scored but Hailsham didn’t give up at 6-1 down and scored two goals towards the end through Jamie Salvidge and Dean Stevens.