Widdrington: you don’t always get what you deserve

Eastbourne Borough boss Tommy Widdrington insists his players should not be disheartened after losing to a 93rd minute goal at Farnborough in midweek.

The manager said his players have nothing to be ashamed about after their improved performance went unmerited at Cherrywood Road.

“I’m disappointed with the result but I’m not disappointed with the vast majority of my players. Farnborough’s goal was a sickening blow and I felt we deserved at least a point from that game.

“I’ve got no qualms about the efforts from any of my players. They should remain buoyant because that was a good performance.”

Lady luck doesn’t seem to be pointing in The Sports’ direction though, especially after they were denied a stone-wall penalty in the first half.

“Things just seem to be transpiring against us. The referee apologised profusely to me after the match for not giving that penalty, but these things go for and against you. Luck tends not to go in your favour when you’re at the bottom.

“Football is the same as life in that you don’t always get what your efforts deserve.”