Widdrington transfer wish list could soon be granted

Tommy Widdrington
Tommy Widdrington
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Eastbourne Borough boss Tommy Widdrington is confident his wish list of players will soon start to materialise as the amount of money at his disposal has finally been decided.

Widdrington had talks with Chairman Len Smith last week and the budget has now been set for how much the manager can spend on retaining current players and bringing new faces to Priory Lane.

On the back of that, the Borough boss has been able to take negotiations with players a step further by putting deals on the table that he hopes they will snap up.

“We knew that there would be a cut in the amount of spending because the club is in a process of stabilisation, rehabilitating.

“Now that I know the budget though, I know what we’re playing with.

“I’ve had talks with nine of the players who finished the season with us and I’ve been able to make them offers. The ball is finally rolling now and we’re very, very close with a couple of them.

“It’s still very early days. I mean, the football season only ended a couple of weeks ago. I don’t expect players to jump at the first deal that is offered to them.”

Widdrington and Alan Kimble continue to scout for talent to bring to the club, attending exit trials in and around the south east and M25, and making countless calls in an attempt to secure deals with their targets.

“We’re rarely off the phone with agents and players, sometimes both at the same time.

“We’re looking to spend in all areas. For some positions I have two or three targets, for others I have four or five, but from the offers I’ve made so far, I’ve had no knock backs.”

Widdrington also reveals his inbox has been flooded with emails from other clubs, some who even grace the football league, in regards to Borough players.

“It’s strange because there’s hundreds and thousands of players out there yet I receive a bucket load of emails.

“I understand there’s other clubs who also want our players or the ones we’re looking at but we just hope we can win more battles than we lose.

“I’m not concerned really. I’m very happy with our progress and where we are at the moment.

“I had a vision when I came to the club and the wheels are now finally turning in that direction.”