Whitehawk committee member ejected from Priory Lane as Widdington pelted with grapes

Borough boss Tommy Widdrington was attacked by grapes
Borough boss Tommy Widdrington was attacked by grapes

Edgy relations between the two Sussex clubs exploded in an incident immediately before the kick off, when a Whitehawk visitor came down the steps of the main stand and threw a handful of grapes at Tommy Widdrington in the technical area.

On the instructions of Borough football chairman John Bonar, stewards ejected the man from the ground, together with a younger lady believed to be his daughter.

“I do not know the gentleman personally and I am not sure whether he is an official of Whitehawk FC,” said Bonar after the game.

“But the action was unacceptable, as was some highly offensive language which went with it, and I simply asked our stewards to escort them from the ground. We can do without that.”

A Whitehawk official later identified the man as Dennis Foster, who is understood to be a member of the Whitehawk FC committee.

The incident has been linked to comments made by Tommy Widdrington about the poor state of Whitehawk’s ground on Boxing Day, where the Borough manager said he had seen “rats as big as cats”.

Some incensed Hawks supporters were rumoured to have brought rat-poison pellets to the Priory Lane ground, but stewards confirmed that the objects thrown at Widdrington were grapes.

The Sports boss did not react to the missiles, and preferred not to comment after the game.