Tommy: get behind us or stay away from the Lane

Eastbourne Borough boss Tommy Widdrington has told fans to stay away from Priory Lane if they’re not going to get behind him and the team.

Speaking after his side’s 1-0 defeat to Sutton on Saturday, Widdrington, who has previously declared his commitment to the club and its long-term future, said, “To the gentleman who told me to hand in my resignation when I walked down the tunnel, well I’d rather he didn’t come back.

“We’ve got to keep believing in the players. I know what I’m doing and they should be cut a bit of slack.”

Widdrington sat among the fans during Saturday’s match as he chose to watch from the stands just behind the dugout, only joining Alan Kimble on the touchline to make three substitutions.

He said, “I could get a different perspective from up there at a different height.

“I’ve been told that I may be too vocal, too reactive on the touchline at times and because I’m a young man when it comes to my job, I take that on board.

“Maybe it was the right thing to do for 89 minutes, maybe I should’ve stayed down there after I made the third substitution, who knows.”

Tomorrow (Wednesday) Eastbourne Borough reserves welcome East Grinstead to Priory Lane in the second round of the League Cup.

The firsts are next action and will be looking to claw their way up the table when the travel to AFC Hornchurch.