Smith: We are moving in the right direction

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Chairman Len Smith said the club will be ready if or when they return to the Blue Square Premier.

Smith was in an upbeat mood and was pleased with the progress he has witnessed under the management of Tommy Widdrington and Alan Kimble during their first year.

“It’s coming along nicely,” said Smith. “This season was all about transition, reducing the age of the squad and making sure we were not involved in a relegation.

“I’m not saying we are relaxed because it’s very tight in this division and a few wins and we are going up and a few defeats and we are looking down.

“But I like the direction we are heading.”

Smith also remained cautiously optimistic that if the Borough did sneak a play-off spot and were successful, the club could handle life in a national league once again.

“If it was there then we would take it that’s for sure but perhaps we are not ready quite yet.

“We know what it takes to compete in the Premier.

“As a club we would cope with it but another year or so would be ideal.

“Things move fast in football, we are working hard on all aspects of the club to move it forward.”