Smith: It’s been a testing year for the club

Len Smith
Len Smith

Eastbourne Borough chairman Len Smith is determined to get his club back on track after a turbulent season.

On the pitch performances have been wildly inconsistent, players and managers have arrived and departed and the chairman suffered a stroke.

Par for the course for most football clubs you may think, but not usually for Eastbourne Borough.

Smith said, “It has certainly had it highs and lows this season. We have lost people from the club who have been here for a long while.

“I felt we started the season quite well but then we went on a terrible run and we thought it was time for a change.

“Tommy (Widdrington) came in and he had a very difficult job on his hands.

“He had to get the best from the existing players and try to shuffle the squad where he could without having much to spend.

“I think he did that extremely well and we are delighted that we stayed in this division. The last thing we wanted to do was emulate Lewes and Bognor.

When you have had a couple of seasons of struggle it’s important to arrest that slide and avoid back to back relegations.

“It has been all change. Garry (Wilson), Nick (Greenwood), Ray (Tuppen) and Lorna all left and there was the death of Jamie Boyd.

“It has been a very testing year and I think we all need a break to re-charge the batteries.”

Of Widdrington’s mid-season appointment Smith added, “I am convinced we made the right decision to bring in Tommy and Alan (Kimble).

“We have ben impressed with what they have done so far and about what they are trying to achieve.

“Next year will be interesting I’m sure.”