Smith: financially we are in good shape

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Eastbourne Borough chairman Len Smith insists Eastbourne Borough are on a sound financial footing to compete in the Blue Square South next season.

The chairman admits the club’s coffers took a bit of a hammering as they brought in a host of loanees to cover for injured players.

Gary Elphick and Matt Langston, Richard Pacquette and Ross Treleaven were injured for large parts of the season.

Smith said treatment to injured players, loanees’ wages and the VAT increase had a major impact on the club.

He said, “It was a blow for us but we handled it. I would say we brought in about the same amount of money but in real terms it was down due to the VAT increase.

“It did hit us but we will be ok and ready to go for next season.

“There is a lot to sort out still but I’m confident we will be ok to compete well in the south.

“We have learnt an awful lot of lessons and if and when we do go back up we will be the better for it.

“This season was tough. There were more full-time clubs and the travelling distance was greater.

“Add to that the injuries and it’s easy to see why we struggled.”