Skipper Austin has earned the right to have his say

Eastbourne Borough club captain Ben Austin has received a fair amount of stick this week following comments made towards a small section of Boro’ fans in his weekly column.

Austin made the point that a minority will spend the entire 90 minutes on the players’ and manager’s back which can have a detrimental effect on performances.

His column provoked quite a reaction but I think many regular visitors to the Lane would be inclined to agree with their captain.

The calls and emails I have received shows there are many fans who care about the club and a large percentage have been in support of their skipper.

Austin, a three-time winner of supporters’ player of the year, has played more than 500 games for the club. He has travelled the length and breadth of the country while juggling a full-time career as a teacher.

On numerous occasions he has taken to the field carrying injuries when other players would have happily sat it out - I think he has earned the right to have his say and the majority of the fans at the Lane will respect that.