‘Mellow’ Tommy eyes bigger picture

Tommy Widdrington
Tommy Widdrington

Eastbourne Borough manager Tommy Widdrington refused to be too hard on his players after their 4-0 home defeat to Dover.

Speaking after the match he said, “It sounds daft but we tried too hard, too early in the game.

“The three individual lads all put their hands up at halftime and accepted responsibility for the goals. I can’t knock the lads.

“I honestly thought we could have gone it at halftime 3-3 - it was that type of game. Simon (Johnson) had a good chance, Gary (Hart) had a good chance and Adam Watts hit the bar.

“I can’t have any arguments with the scoreline but if I felt the lads were giving in and throwing in the goals then I would have cause for concern but I honestly do not feel that way.

“Last season I might have been fighting with a few of the lads after a result like that I think I have mellowed a bit and I have to look at the bigger picture.”