Maynard: Revenue is key

After the collapse of takeover talks with a wealthy Kuwaiti company last month, CIC Chairman Paul Maynard has insisted the primary focus is now on increasing revenue into the club through other means.

If a deal had been secured with KEH, substantial investment would have been ploughed into the club but, as it is, they must now find ways of bringing in the money themselves if they’re to accommodate and afford the many exciting plans in the pipeline.

Maynard said, “The challenge is to try and maintain last year’s budget, which will be a challenge because of falling gates and commercial revenue hitting the floor. All of our focus needs to be on increasing revenue streams and getting people through the gate.

“We remain on very good terms with the investor. They are a big supporter of Eastbourne, the town in general, and who knows what the future holds.

“We can’t wait for something to happen. We need to get the club in gear and move on to all the exciting things we’re trying to do.”

One of those exciting projects is the development of Priory Lane and Maynard reveals those wheels are well in motion.

“Plans have been finalised for the ground development and we’ve just done the costing, which is a little scary. We know there is grant funding is available for 50 per cent but we must find the other 50 per cent. “We are in discussions with the council.”