Maynard: board will decide on successor

Paul Maynard ENGSUS00220130901145125
Paul Maynard ENGSUS00220130901145125

Eastbourne Borough’s Paul Maynard insists any decision taken on the club’s future will be made by the board and refused to say at this stage if he would be the likely successor to outgoing club chairman Len Smith.

Maynard, 48, was appointed as the CIC chairman in 2011 and has been tipped by many to take the top job at Priory Lane.

Speaking on Wednesday afternoon, Maynard said, “The decision is a matter for the board but it is something we hope to resolve speedily. Obviously it is a time of change and matters need to be discussed carefully.”

Asked if he wanted the role as club chairman, Maynard, who works full-time as a solicitor at Gaby Hardwick, added, “It’s not something I can say too much on at this stage.

“As soon as we know, you’ll be one of the first to know. I do think though, whoever takes over, it will have to be done in a different way to Len did it.

“Len did so much work for the club that perhaps the jobs would be have to be broken down to smaller chunks and handed to different people.”

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