Is it time for Lane drummers to return?

Eastbourne Borough boss Tommy Widdrington’s quotes regarding a negative atmosphere at Priory Lane has raised a call for the return of the drummers.

Widdrington said last week his players are ‘shackled’ by lack of confidence in front of their own fans.

The boss was delighted with the away support which helped them record a fine result in Farnborough and is eager to see the crowd get behind his men at the Lane.

The Borough drummers became well-known at Priory Lane and across the country and helped generate a more upbeat atmosphere that has been missing in recent home games.

Chairman Len Smith said, “It would be nice to get them back. They did help create a bit of atmosphere and I think it would lift the crowd and hopefully the players. “We became known for the drums home and away and I would like to see them make a return.

“The atmosphere in the Bath match was a bit quiet but to be fair we are struggling a bit at home.

“Hopefully the fans can get behind us when we need that 12th man.”

Were you a Borough drummer or would you be interested in taking to the drums at Priory Lane?

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