Fuming Tommy brands referee unprofessional and remarkable

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Eastbourne Borough boss Tommy Widdrington branded referee Carl Brook ‘unprofessional’ and ‘remarkable’ after the Sports’ defeat to Chelmsford on Saturday.

In a 90 minutes filled with controversy, the referee’s decisions favoured the visitors and, whether these were right or wrong, they didn’t sit well with the Borough boss.

The most contested decision surrounded the visitors’ opening goal, which came while Borough ‘keeper Danny Potter was out cold on the playing surface following a collision in the build-up to Jamie Slabber’s strike.

Widdrington said, “I’m gutted. I’ve been body-blowed by decisions that I just cannot fathom and it’s doing my head in.

“Whether it was a foul or not, the lad’s out cold for about six or seven minutes and the centre forward who did it, walked over to the linesman and said I caught him in the head with the back of my elbow.

“The fact the referee was told that by his linesman but chose not to act on that is remarkable.

“At the end of the day, there are three teams in every football match – one in red, one in white, one in black. If they’re not going to be a team, what’s the point in having three?

“It’s beggar’s belief. I watch football six days a week. I watch it down at the sides of parks, I watch it on the TV - no matter what level it is, if you challenge a goalkeeper in any way, shape or form and that lad goes down, nine times out of ten you get a free kick.”

The disagreements didn’t stop there and the Borough boss was later sent off by Mr Brook following Chelmsford’s second goal.

Widdrington added, “After their second goal, he smirked and smiled at me and that was completely unprofessional in my opinion.

“I said to him ‘I bet you’re over the moon they got a second goal because it means the first one doesn’t count’.

“It’s just so frustrating.”