Don’t panic, we’ve got it under control

Darren Baker remains the only player to have confirmed his place at Priory Lane next season.
Darren Baker remains the only player to have confirmed his place at Priory Lane next season.

Tommy Widdrington insists the fans have no reason to be agitated about the continued lack of new signings to Eastbourne Borough.

News has been sparse coming out of Priory Lane in regards to players signing new contracts with the club, causing growing concerns among supporters as the clock ticks down towards the new season.

However, Widdrington says there is nothing to worry about as they inch closer and closer to finalising the deals.

“I know things seem like they’re on more of a knife edge for the fans but I can assure them they’re not. I’m not worried because I know what’s going on. I know that we’re right on schedule.

“I’ve agreed things with some players and hopefully now it’s just a matter of putting pen to paper.

“Some of the players I’ve looked at are only just coming out of contract with their clubs, while others are on holiday with their families, hence why things may be taking longer than some expected.”

Borough missed out on one of their targets in Mitch Walker, who signed for Dover last month, and Widdrington hopes that doesn’t happen again.

“We were obviously very disappointed about losing out on Mitch. While I’m not saying it was all down to the money, that is obviously an important factor as that what makes the world go round and we accept that.

“Last year, the boat was pushed out a bit but now it’s down to me to do it right this year. I’m concentrating hard on not overspending on a budget that is significantly less than last year, so that plays a big part when trying to bring players here too.”

Widdrington is keeping tight-lipped about his targets but does say that they are all in-keeping with the plans he has to transform the team ahead of the 2012/13 campaign.

“We’re taking a different approach this year, everything’s going to be very different, so I need players who can fit in with that.

“I’m not going to lower my expectations about what players we can get. I want to ensure we bring the rights players here and that may take some time.”

For the lack of people arriving at Priory Lane, the fans have certainly seen plenty depart, including Ben Austin most recently.

While he has switched to Eastbourne Town, the handful of other players released by the Sports have yet to find another club.

Widdrington said, “I’ve pushed Matt Smart in the direction of some other clubs, same with Steve Brinkhurst and Ross Treleaven. There’s no hard feelings and we hope they can find somewhere else to enjoy their football.”