Bromley call-off frustrates Borough

Tommy Widdrington
Tommy Widdrington

Eastbourne Borough boss Tommy Widdrington and his squad left south London disappointed once again as their clash with Bromley FC was postponed for a second time (writes Stephen Kent).

Ground staff and volunteers at Bromley had battled with the pitch all day on Tuesday and as late as 5pm, the game was due to go ahead at 7.45pm. However, it was eventually called off just an hour before kick-off.

Widdrington summed it up in two words shortly after the news broke out at Hayes Lane, saying he was ‘severely disappointed’.

“There’s been no rain since a lot earlier in the day. Sure the pitch is heavy and tricky in certain areas but it shouldn’t of been called off so late in the day,” he added.

“The League organisers should make sure that on days where there has been bad weather, that referees get to grounds earlier.

“This is the third time in two months that this has happened to us where we have prepared best we can and travelled from Eastbourne only to be told once we arrive that the game is off.

“Money is so tight for us smaller clubs, this really needs to be policed better.” As well as hundreds of fans from both clubs that travelled to Bromley for this match, Widdrington was also quick to comment on the effect that it has on his players, saying, “Some of the lads have to take time off work for these games.”