All Blue Square south clubs contacted in FA betting probe

Eastbourne Borough, along with the other 21 teams in the Blue Square South, have been contacted by the FA following concerns over suspicious betting patterns in the division.

Borough received a letter last week from the FA reminding players and officials of the rules surrounding gambling and match-fixing.

The FA and Gambling commission became aware of suspicious patterns in football conference matches and wrote to all teams to advise them of their concerns.

Following the FA investigation and media coverage into Blue Square South betting patterns, an un-named non-league player revealed he was approached about fixing a game.

Last week two betting firms refused to take bets on Chelmsford, Billericay and AFC Hornchurch.

Eastbourne Borough chief executive Mike Spooner said, “The only contact we have had was a letter last week and from a conference meeting in Telford in February.

“It is obviously a concern that these allegations are being made in a division we compete in but we have never come across anything like this.

“The letter we received from the FA was basically to remind clubs of the rules and to show the correct way forward.”

The FA letter received stated that it is a breach of rules to bet (or ask someone else) on the result, progress or conduct of any match or any competition in which your team competes in that season.

The FA is working alongside the Gambling Commission’s Sport Betting intelligence Unit.

A statement read, “Anyone with information regarding possible breaches of these rules has been advised to come forward to the FA or Gambling Commission.”

Alan Ager, a spokesperson for the Blue Square said, “As always we will assist the authorities with their investigation.”