Borough assistant North get priorities straight after opening day loss

Shaun North
Shaun North

Eastbourne Borough assistant manager Shaun North refused to make any excuses after their opening day home defeat to Maidenhead on Saturday.

North was far from impressed with the display and insists the players are not at Priory Lane to develop but their sole purpose is to win football matches.

He hopes for a big improvement ahead of tonight’s (Tuesday) first away match at Dartford.

“The players are learning but we are in a win business at the end of the day. We are not a development team and we are not a development group. We are in a group that has to be winning. If the players want to develop then go find some football that’s noncompetitive.

“If they want to develop then go and play in development football. This is about winning. This is about getting three points at 4.50pm on a Saturday evening.

Because if they don’t then people lose their jobs.”

Of the overall performance he added, “We didn’t play very well. We didn’t play anything like we have been doing in preseason and it didn’t reflect the work that we have been doing.

“I think teams won’t let you play football. The opposition have their tactics and they do what they do. Obviously they will have watched us and know how we want to play. But if we are going to try and play the way we play we have got to be brave enough to do it.

“It ain’t a case of style. Certainly at this level you play to the players you have got available to you and you play the conditions as the conditions are.

“You have to play what turns up on the day. Whatever the opposition do, you have to be able to combat that and impose yourself on the game.”

Eastbourne borough are inaction once againstonight as they travel to Dartford