Hailsham awarded points after Lewes locked out of cricket pavilion


Hailsham firsts were awarded 25 points after Lewes St Michael were locked out of their ground last Saturday.

The East Sussex league one match was due to be held at Braypool Ground in Brighton but unfortunately for all, Lewes hadn’t found out the combination code of the pavilion.

A Hailsham statement read, “when we turned up at 12:40 to find a couple of Lewes players standing outside with their bags, we knew something wasn’t right.

“We started the warm up but as the minutes ticked by we and Andy Shanks (umpire) wanted to know what was going on.

“Unfortunately Lewes hadn’t found out the combination code to get into the pavilion so were forced to concede the game.

“It’s not the way we wanted to earn the points but with the uncertain forecast around the south east and other games being abandoned it worked in our favour.”

Next week Next week Hailsham welcome Plumpton to the Recreation Ground.