Bullets prove no match for blazing Bourne Bombshells

The Bourne Bombshells are becoming quite the force to be reckoned with after recording another comprehensive victory on Saturday afternoon, this time over the Basingstoke Bullets.

The Bombshells made waves on the roller derby scene as they defied the rankings to beat the Bristol Harbour Harlots B team last month, and that fine form continued into November as they steam-rolled to victory over the Bullets by 206-128.

Bourne Bombshells beat the Basingstoke Bullets at the Summerfields Leisure Centre in Hastings.

Bourne Bombshells beat the Basingstoke Bullets at the Summerfields Leisure Centre in Hastings.

It was the second time in the space of a few months that the Bombshells had come up against the Bullets - who they describe as their closest friends in the fierce and feisty world of roller derby.

The previous meeting had come during Eastbourne Extreme, when the home side notched a 105-32 win. They were delighted with the 73-point victory then and so, understandably, were even more elated with the victory margin of 78 recorded at the weekend.

The Bullets put up a dogged fight, though. Despite never being in front, they remained on the Bombshell’s heels throughout the hour-long bout, forcing the Eastbourne outfit to produce some of their best and most determined skating to eventually reach the impressive tally of 206.

Unfortunately, the Bourne Bombshells would have had to win by more than 100 points in order to further rise up the rankings from the 169th spot they currently occupy.

The bout, entitled ‘Block Hop: Shove Me Tender’ drew a respectable crowd of more than 100 to the Summerfields Leisure Centre in Hastings in support of both teams.

After the success, Heather ‘Smash’er Fierce’ Ridley said, “The event was really well organised, everything went to plan and was really amazing.”

Julie ‘Drag n Fly’ English added, “We were ahead all the time, we were never behind at any point and we were very impressed with our win of over 200 points!“

Zoe ‘Lily Malicious’ Fortune concluded, “We had a fantastic crowd come from all over. We’ve got friends from Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings and Essex and we’d like to thank everyone for coming. It was a brilliant bout and we hope to see them next time.”

Roller derby is an extreme sport involving two teams of skaters and is currently the fastest growing sport in the UK. Each team has one ‘jammer’ on the track at a time and they score points by lapping the opposing team’s ‘blockers’, whose job it is to try and stop the ‘jammer’ from passing.

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